Monday, 5 August 2019

Citrus crazy and the Root to Tip Competition

Meadowbank School (and Mrs Masters and Mrs Crews especially) are super proud of the 2 teams that made it into the Regional finals of the annual Root to Tip competition open to all Year 5 and 6 children nationwide. The judges were highly impressed with the talents of all the participants and although they didnt make it through to the final they should be so pleased and proud of their achievements. We were impressed with their skills and the the knowledge they have of using seasonal food from the root to the tip!We are also proud of the many teams that entered but didnt make it through. Well done to all.
The citrus fruit this year is amazing. We have lots of lemons on our own school trees and have been gifted lots more lemons, grapefruit, oranges, tangeloes and limes.
We used them in the kitchen to make a delicious lemon curd that we served on homemade mini pancakes. Lemon cordial, crunchy lemon muffins and lime shortbread have also been on the menu.
Braised seasonal vegetables with coconut and coriander rice was popular too. Gardeners harvested 15-19 different vegetables from the garden for this dish!

Friday, 5 July 2019

Welcome Winter

Soup and warming dishes full of our winter harvests have been on the menu. Kumara, silverbeet, coriander, spring onion, Jerusalem artichokes, mint, celery, kale, rosemary, sprouting broccoli, courgette harvested from our garden and pumpkin and choko that we had been gifted.
Versatile vegetable soup with a parmesan twist, Hua whenua soup with pakipaki bread and vegetable biryani with kumara and silverbeet dhal and broccoli flatbreads. We made a Matariki fruit crumble using fruit we had stored in our freezer that had been harvested earlier in the year - peaches, nectarines, blueberries and feijoas. Year 4 children learned about mise en place and should be super proud of their knife and measuring skills!

Junior Garden Design

The garden at the entrance to the junior school has been cleared and plans for an attractive, edible garden for both the school and its community are well underway.
If you would like your ideas considered in the planning, make sure you submit a design to the senior office by Wednesday July 24th.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Our fabulous Bob has been in stoking up the wood fired pizza oven for both Year 4 and 5's to cook pizzas. He arrives very early in the morning and stays the whole school day to make sure every class has a chance to cook their pizzas in the outdoor oven. On one of the days when we have 3 Year 4 classes in a day he arrived at 6.30am. So early that no one was at school and the alarms hadnt even been turned off! 
 Delicious produce was harvested for a Autumn harvest pizza and Rosemary and thyme pizza bread.

We talked about the science involved in making the pizza dough. One year group has a question about yeast in their Science Quizathon questions so they will certainly get that question right! Thanks to GTT!

Friday, 5 April 2019

Goodbye Summer, Welcome Autumn

We have harvested the last of our tomatoes and peaches and are now enjoying new seasons feijoas, nashi pears and apples. Coriander, parsley and fennel seeds have been harvested.
We have been so lucky to have lots of volunteers this term. Mums, Dads, Grandparents have come along and we have loved sharing the GTT experience with them. Mr Toomer our Principal joined Room 21 and really enjoyed hearing the wonderful conversations around food. 

We had so much fun using a food processor to grate our beetroot for a salad with carrots, mint, raisins and pumpkin seeds. "Beets" using a grater!

 Broadbean hummus with homemade tortilla chips. We used our stored broadbeans that were harvested at the end of last year. Now there is room in the freezer for the next harvest!
Our beautiful free stone peaches 

Apples from our tree were used to make apple and cinnamon pinwheel scones. Delicious!
 Using our knife skills to produce a Seedy slaw with cabbage, kale, sorrel and herbs from our garden
                                         Super yummy corn fritters with a no cook tomato coulis
Nashi pear and sage tart using puff pastry sheets
                            Jeruslaem artichoke flowers and sage, mint and thyme in our garden

Thursday, 21 February 2019

GTT at Meadowbank Primary 2019 begins!

Every class has just participated in their first GTT session for 2019 and there was plenty of enthusiam from all! Great to see the new fresh faces of the Year 4's and the experienced Year 5's. Welcome to the new volunteers and welcome back to those who have helped before.

It is great to be back in the gardens with lots of fruit ripening and herbs and vegetables ready for picking. Quite a few plants have gone to seed over the hot summer break but those are being put to good use for food and learning. We are saving seeds and studying different ways that seeds are dispersed. Some are being stored for use as spices ( fennel, coriander and coriander) as well as for growing new crops( sprouting broccoli, Cavelo Nero etc)

Jacqui Knight of the Moths and Butterflies Trust NZ is excited to hear that classes have collected swan plant seed heads and these will be sent to other schools to grow food plants for monarch caterpillars. One swan plant has been wrapped in shade cloth in an experiment to see if we can save the Monarch eggs and caterpillars from the hungry wasps. Next step will be to make some wasp traps and collect net curtains to try to cover the plants in the Butterfly Meadow. 

We have also discussed the difference between pest and beneficial visitors to our gardens. From insects who eat our plants to people who harvest our nectarines; we are exploring ways to protect from the bad and encourage the good! 

Watering is a top priority and the worm tea from our worm bins will be appreciated by the thirsty and hungry plants throughout the gardens. Mrs Masters is looking into setting up some drip irrigation systems to try to cope with the drier and drier summers. Any experts out there?? In the meantime the fantastic new retractable hose reel from Gardena and lots of happy waterers with some new watering cans are helping until our rain dances get a result!!

Corn, silverbeet and feta muffins. We used the corn husks as the muffin cases.

 Making homemade tortilla chips and a fresh tomato and corn salsa

Fresh nectarine and basil cordial with mint iceblocks